Tom Konis is the smart choice for Spokane County Assessor

Tom Konis has, more than anyone else, the knowledge and experience to be re-elected Spokane County Assessor. He was elected Spokane County Assessor in 2018 and previously worked in the Assessor’s office for over 24 years, giving him a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the duties of the office.

County Assessor is not a learn-on-the-job position due to the many state mandated requirements and laws that dictate the work of the office. Tom is the leader the Assessor’s office needs.

With Tom’s experience as Assessor, and previously as both a residential and commercial appraiser, he can insure that appraisers are performing at their best for the taxpayers of Spokane County. He will continue the long line of leadership we have had in Spokane County and build on best practices he has implemented these last four years. 

The Assessor’s office protects property owners by treating all properties fairly and uniformly. Tom introduced new technology to make the Assessor’s office more efficient and automated to give appraisers more time to inspect properties, while lessening time spent on data entry. He has the experience to lead staff and move this office forward.

Why am I running for Spokane County Assessor? 

  • I have over 28 years of experience in the office, both as the elected Assessor and as an Appraiser.

  • I want to continue to serve the taxpayers of Spokane County and create a positive impact to our community.

  • I want to continue to improve and perfect how the Assessor’s office works.

  • Spokane County Assessor is not a learn-on-the-job position. There are many state mandated requirements and multiple state laws that dictate our work, and I have the knowledge to do the job right.

What is my continued vision for the Assessor’s office?

  • Use technology to improve efficiency and accuracy

  • Equity in all assessed values. If assessments are equitable, everyone pays their fair share, no more but no less.

  • Improved communications with the public and County Commissioners

  • Empowering managers to manage

  • Better training for employees

  • Challenge employees to excel